We turn the economy scales around, bringing fair profit share on a market previously dominated by sellers.

Loyalty programs are hard for businesses and hard for users. We’ve made it a breeze for all using our blockchain-based platform.

Point-X is unique reward exchange program allowing customers to truly reap what they sow by offering universal rewards anywhere they shop. Our goal is to deliver an easy and convenient way to accumulate, convert, and utilize any special deals and offers that a customers receive at any store they visit.

Point-X will open a way to better, more exciting shopping experiences and will actively encourage customers to look for the best deals available.

The blockchain technology and our Proof-of-Processed-Payments system will provide a high level of security to protect our customers from fraud.

Point-X is a platform that is similar to a common Cash Back service and has three main concepts:

  1. The points are awarded to the user for purchases from our partner store.
  2. Increased number of points is awarded to the customer after completion of the certain actions, if the partner store has engaged in a marketing campaign through our platform.
  3. Direct communication between the producer of goods and the buyer.

The use of tokens, as a means of rewards will actively engage the users in the shopping experience, increase the average cost of a check and the frequency of purchases. A big part of the engagement is attracting the customers into save up opportunities with elements of gaming.

A broad network of partners will allow users of Point-X to exchange the accumulated points for other (private) loyalty programs, thus giving them a universal tool for accumulation, storing, and use of reward points.

Use of smart contracts will allow businesses to automatically enter into a coalitions, independently adjusting the rules.

The use of blockchain technologies gives anonymity and protection of private information from further usage of any associated information by third parties.

OUR MISSION: To provide opportunities, not limitations!
Point-X — Sharing Economy Project. Win-Win Economy!



It has been eight years since release of bitcoin, however cryptocurrencies have not yet gained as wide of a spread in the EU&US as expected. Some of the reasons might be:

  1. Lack of expertise in the technology;
  2. Suspicious portrayal in the press;
  3. Volatility of the cryptocurrency;

However, exponential growth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies shows that cryptocurrencies can survive outside of traditional markets, even though, coming short of widespread payment systems.

High quality use of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies lays in a convenient integration with real world services and products. With additional incentives to small business to utilize cryptocurrency and work together with consumers for mutual benefit.

The creation of Point-X is possible because of the arising opportunities on the market, the experience of the team, and the ability to adapt well known market principles with the latest innovative technologies.

Without the motivation of the end user to receive a tangible benefit and with large market entry barriers the highest threat is the lack of such real world integration that might continue to be the market trend, leaving mining as the only option for people to benefit on cryptocurrency.

Draft Decision

Point-X team out to solve those issues. We propose a universal loyalty platform based on blockchain technology that will allow individuals customers to truly magnify their shopping experience, by allowing the conversion of rewards and their subsequent exchange for real tangible products. That creates a freedom of choice for consumer that will ultimately drive the loyalty market.

The use of smart contracts will enable businesses to automatically enter the coalition, the self-adjusting rules without going through the lengthy negotiations.

Thus, the user gets a wide range, new experience and freedom of choice.

The primary token platform CNX * (STABLECOIN) with a fixed price according to the EURO/$USA value: 1 coin = 0.01€/$. This will allow us to stay flexible and offset the negative fluctuations of cryptocurrencies in the public market and provides clarity of value for the consumers as opposed to accumulation of the funds in fiat currencies.

The CNX token is born at the moment of creation of the loyalty program by the partner and burns down when the consumer exchanges it for goods or services.

Additional PNX * tokens are used to pay the platform Commission.

Inserting internal PNX  token as a means of storing and exchanging between other currencies and loyalty programs, Point-X and PNX will become the norm for consumers and business that use loyalty programs. It also gives a universal benefit that attracts more attention regardless of the method of discount delivery.

Through personal accounts, Point-X customer can always convert CNX to PNX, CNX to €/$, PNX to ETH, and PNX to €/$.

Example: “five stars” allows users to only spend the accumulated currencies and bonuses at the establishments where they were awarded. PNX is a universal platform that allows to use bonuses and rewards not only in certain chains and franchises, but to also convert it into other bonuses and currencies depending on the user’s needs.

Point-X Platform

busines model main


Solutions Point-X
Solutions Point-X

The loyalty industry is highly fragmented, and this makes it attractive for the implementation of solutions based on blockchain technology. If loyalty programs are compatible with each other, the client wins. Platform Point-X can be linked largely unrelated world of incentive programs to reduce costs, eliminate inconsistencies, to yield bonuses and maturity bonuses almost in real time, to provide a more secure environment and simplify business relations.

With a lot of marketing tools available, the businesses often do not know how effective they are and often are required to pay installment fees upfront followed by monthly fees even if the tools are not being used. Point-X customer loyalty platform will be available for businesses for free. Businesses will be able to interact with their customers with no strings attached while Point-X will only charge a small commission on the marketing campaigns, if the businesses decide to create them.

Point-X platform makes it possible to:

  • Marketplace discounts and special offers with GEO targeting. (as ZiIlow for discounts).
  • Receive cash back bonuses on the purchases they make. 
  • Small Businesses will be able to create marketing campaigns, target the desired segment of the population based on Cost-Per-Action model. 
  • The manufacturer of the goods and services that can directly encourage consumers.
  • Universal platform of exchange in multiple loyalty programs.
  • Automatically create e-wallets, find interesting marketing campaigns, take required actions, and monitor transactions and review receipts from purchases. 
  • To easily and efficiently integrate with business infrastructures through the platform and API. IT will also allow users to safely store and use CNX / PNX* tokens as a universal exchange tool between all the aspects of shopping experience. 
  • etc.

Additional Features

Рromotions and offers with geo-targeting. (as Zillow)
Virtual Card
One Card in All Places (NFC/QR/Phone Number)
For platforms such as WordPress и Drupal in order to add Point-X functionality to websites and applications.
Shared Payments
Pay with your friends with no additional fees.
E-Commerce Platform
Use CNX / PNX and Point-X platform as a rewards system to award bonuses to your customers on E-Commerce platforms and marketplaces (API and SDK)
Exchange Platform
Exchange points between loyalty programs
Manager companies
For self-run companies to SMB, FMCG and Brands
The ability to utilize micro-transactions that is not currently supported by modern payment systems due to large commissions.
Point-X card
Use Point-X card for easy identification and engagement at any of the places you shop.

Underlying Technology

The basis of the platform is taken blockchain Stellar (https://www.stellar.org). Token CNX.

Smart contacts are made on own development as well as Mobius Ecosystem.

As a universal token PNX is used Protocol Ethereum EIP20.

The Ethereum blockchain is currently the industry standard for issuing custom digital assets and smart contracts. One of the main reasons is to use the existing Ethereum’s infrastructure instead of building an entirely new blockchain. The latest and most popular EIP20 token interface is the best choice compatible with the existing infrastructure of Ethereum ecosystem, development tools, wallets, and exchanges. Also EIP20allows for seamless interaction with other smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

PoPP (Proof-of-Processed-Payments) — are used as a means of user identification and transfer of the currencies within our network.

Absolutely any action on the platform is fixed in the public blockchain.

Research: Ripple (https://ripple.com); Framework Plasma (http://www.plasma.io); NEM technology (https://nem.io); Kadena (http://kadena.io/); Ethereum Enterprise; 


Within the framework of the platform we make 2 tokens. First, — CNX — will be used for particular loyalty programs’ transactions.
The token is born at the moment of creation of the loyalty program by the partner (business) and burns down at the time of its exchange for goods and services by the consumer within the platform.

The second-gas, which is needed for operations with the first token, and buying platform services — PNX. Payment of Commission fees.
Tokens are issued in a limited number and burn up as they are used.

The platform is designed to enable companies to create their loyalty programs on it on the basis of smart contracts with their terms and with their money-we create such a specialized loyalty program blockchain.

We do not create programs — we only support and develop a platform for their creation.

CNX — a token of transaction (utility token), a token at with a cost of

As an equivalent token to accumulate the interexchanges within a reward system, based on €/$.

  • The token is tied to the value of €/$;
  • Upon receiving the discount, it shall be stored on user’s account in the exact equivalent to the €/$ for simplicity of valuation of the rewards accumulated. The CNX  is backed by the €/$ amount stored in the system;
  • The transactions are governed by the Point-X rewards system;
  • Security is provided by repeated audits and support of the transactions plus blockchain anchoring;
  • Fast speed transactions;

PNX — a utility token
Fixed release according to the Token Sale schedule.

  • Transfer — cost of the transactions based on the % of the EUP;
  • Comprehensive audits;
  • Free exchange trading;
  • Specific rules and restrictions will apply for advanced conversion of the tokens outside of Point-X system (no commissions, additional bonuses, etc);

Using Tokens

The owner of the token PNX:

depending on the quantity, gold/platinum/black)

Customers Partners
  • Gets an opportunity to take part in voting for new functions of the platform
  • Gets access to the showcase of goods and services from key partners with special conditions
  • Gets the ability to create C2C loyalty programs
  • Gets the opportunity to cash-* in tokens and CNX PNX-**
  • It receives a token from CNX Partners
  • CNX token spends on goods and services within the platform
  • Receives additional rewards in the PNX token
  • Gets a single ID after passing KYC-***
  • Gets the ability to create C2C loyalty programs
  • Pays for the services of the platform token PNX
  • Calculates the token CNX customers within the loyalty program
  • Debits CNX token to pay for goods and services

* — this option will appear after registration of the token on the exchange and issuance of their own plastic cards
** — there are restrictions in accordance with the legislation / KYC / withdrawal amount, etc.)
*** — KYC is tied to geography and may need to go through several different for different countries



  • Total FIXED amount of Point-X tokens = 88 888 888 PNX
  • During the initial Token Sale Point-X plans to release 22 222 222 PNX, and by that to attract $20M with the sale of 25% of total tokens.
  • At each stage of Token Sale, besides closed sales, the amount of tokens will be limited.

Structure of token distribution.

  1. At the Pre-Sale stage 1,200,000 tokens will be available for sale.
    START: 04/2018
    Soft cap: 600 ETH
    Hard cap: 800 ETH
  2. TOKEN SALE START 05-06/2018, 21 022 222 tokens will be available for sale.

TOKEN SALE is supposed to be carried out by two methods:
— SAFT (Whitelist + KYC)
— Free sale with Escrow

ICO PRE-SALE/Pre ICO ICO Tier 1 ICO Tier 2 ICO Tier 3
PNX 1 200 000 11 907 407 6 407 407 3 907 407
ETH 600 9 790,53 7 404,12 5 383,54
ETH/PNX 0,000500 0,000822 0,001156 0,001378




TimeLine ICO Point-X
TimeLine Token Sale Point-X
TimeLine ICO Point-X
TimeLine Point-X


Crypto tokens CNX / PNX are crypto protected method for receiving a future benefit through Point-X platform.

Upon the completion of Token Sale all members shall receive EIP20 combined PNX tokens based on Ethereum Platform.

PNX — a utility token, designed to compensate for the services of the platform Point-X.

PNX token can be exchanged to a CNX token, for future acquiring of products, services, and discounts provided by Point-X partners.

Token PNX is a major component of the ecosystem PNX is designed for all types of operations, making it an integral part of ecosystems and a determining factor of its economy. PNX tokens are divisible, portable and fungible.

The number of PNX tokens is limited. PNX tokens burn as they are used.
Transfer of PNX tokens and the rights that follow with it is limited until the launch of MVP, according to the Time Line graph.

CNX is a utility token that is tied to the present value of EURO / U.S. dollar. Token grants its owner certain rights that may include:

  • exchange of the token for goods and services
  • exchange of the token to a PNX token, that will grant the Point-X club membership to its owner

Limitations — PNX and CNX tokens are limited in its use and fall under the following limitations:

  • do not grant any share of ownership in the corporate entity to its owner.
  • do not grant its holder the right to receive dividends.
  • do not grant its owner a return rights, thus every purchase of PNX or CNX token is final unless otherwise permitted by Point-X platform

By purchasing PNX tokens the user agrees to take the risks and limitations related to the tokens, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, including but not limited to: 

1. The risk of loss of access to the token in case of a lost key or keys
2.Risks that might arise through the use of Ethereum Platform
3.Risk of virus or a hacker attack that could exploit weak spots in security systems
4.Risk of value loss due to fluctuating value of the tokens and other cryptocurrencies
5.Risk associated with government regulations that might limit the use or value of the tokens and other cryptocurrencies

Know Your Client (KYC) process 

PNX tokens shall not be offered or exchanged to any user or users that are present or registered in a country where such ownership or completion of transaction shall be considered illegal, or if any other state or local laws prevent such user from ownership of the token.

We do not allow or support such users and reserve the right to cancel or halt the purchase of PNX tokens at any time at our discretion according to our policies. Such cases may also arise if the KYC information is incomplete, inaccurate, illegal, or in any way associated with an individual or an organization that falls under any group or groups of people that are considered to be illegal entities under Point-X policy.

Howey Test

Pursuant to the general practice employed at the Token Sale markets, any company that issues tokens shall make them subject to the Howey test. So that to check whether any relevant token is a security or not. If it is proved that any respective token is a security with a probability of at least 50%, then SEC shall register it, provided that it is intended to be offered for sale to non- qualified investors residing in the USA.

We do not allow buying tokens by the U.S. purchasers.

Most companies apply to the relevant consultants, auditors or attorneys for the so-called ‘legal opinion’ to be issued for marketing purposes. We have consulted with representatives of the leading law firms in New-York and they explained that the so- called ‘legal opinion’ issued upon the Howey test is not deemed a legitimate document evidencing the relevant status of a token.

This is just an opinion expressed by an expert executing the same. As a rule, any such opinion is confidential and is not intended to be published in any publicly available source (i.e. Web sites or White Papers).

We have performed out own Howey test of PNX token pursuant to generally acceptable and existing practices. As a result, it will have been proved that it is not a share with a probability of 80%. The only reason for it failing to be assigned a probability of 100% is that certain holders thereof may have expectations for the token price increase and thus they are inspired to buy the same for speculative purposes. However, it neither affects nor limits sales of PNX tokens to purchasers and has no impact on further use thereof through the platform operated by Point-X. All prospective buyers shall consider this information prior to the purchase thereof.

Interaction with the U.S. Purchasers The American capital market is of strategic importance for our company. As such, we hold extensive consultations with experienced legal advisers from the USA to develop a strategy that should allow us to legally offer our tokens to the U.S. clients.Upon the foregoing consultations and development of the final action plan related to the U.S. market the White Paper may be amended in view of permitted purchase of tokens and use thereof by the U.S. clients.




Maksim Barodzich

Having graduated from the BAUMAN Moscow state technical University Maxim participated in the role of leader in the largest loyalty program in Europe Svyaznoy-club. On the basis of the developed software, Maxim now operates the largest bank loyalty program VTB and Sberbank. At various times he held senior positions at various companies: Sumitomo corp, Euroset, Playfon, and others..
Member of  RACIB.

Igor Ivanchikov

Igor started his career in 1995 working as a senior developer of WMS apps. Since then he worked as team leader for the past 20 years. Now he heads a group of IT companies  «Active+«. Looking for new ways of sharing his knowledge and helping others to achieve their goals.

Dmitry PrasolovDmitriy Prasolov

Dmitriy is an experienced Business Development Manager with in the software industry. He specializes in E-commerce Optimization, Sales and Mobile Applications. He is a strong sales professional with a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) focused in Computer systems analytics.

Olesya Gritcenko

Specializes in advertising project based on big data processing.
Latest project — big start-up Segmento (Sberbank Group of Companies) — Advertising based on combination of unique offline and online data for effective advertising.

Alexander Sverdlov

Alexander has a post-graduate degree in Business Management from the University of Essex. He has worked for Fortune-500 companies such as HP and Microsoft, has consulted multiple banks and telecoms on cyber security and is ensuring our product meets the ultimate security standards.



Jonathan L. Hood (Legal Adviser)
Website and Angel List profile

Anton Zykin & Alexey Rechkunov — (Product design Advisors)
SFCD (https://sfcd.com) & CLAY (http://clay.global)

Alexander Zahatski
Alexander leads the development of web interfaces at Exscudo services and websites. Before joining Exscudo, he worked as Chief Information Officer for a major e-commerce company. He has solid experience in the development of web services for different types of companies, from IT giants to small local businesses.
Successful ICO — exscudo.com

Eldar Razroev
Euroset, Megafon, The Ministry of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation, MTT, Sistema Venture Capital

Roman Vasilyan
QIWI, Svyaznoy Bank, Svyaznoy Club

Kirill Osipenco
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Worked: Accenture, Credit suisse ag, Sony Pictures releasing cis, Mobile Telesystems.