It has been eight years since release of bitcoin, however cryptocurrencies have not yet gained as wide of a spread in the EU&US as expected. Some of the reasons might be:

  1. Lack of expertise in the technology;
  2. Suspicious portrayal in the press;
  3. Volatility of the cryptocurrency;

However, exponential growth of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies shows that cryptocurrencies can survive outside of traditional markets, even though, coming short of widespread payment systems.

High quality use of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies lays in a convenient integration with real world services and products. With additional incentives to small business to utilize cryptocurrency and work together with consumers for mutual benefit.

The creation of Point-X is possible because of the arising opportunities on the market, the experience of the team, and the ability to adapt well known market principles with the latest innovative technologies.

Without the motivation of the end user to receive a tangible benefit and with large market entry barriers the highest threat is the lack of such real world integration that might continue to be the market trend, leaving mining as the only option for people to benefit on cryptocurrency.