Draft Decision

Point-X team out to solve those issues. We propose a universal loyalty program based on blockchain technology that will allow people customers to truly magnify their shopping experience, by allowing the conversion of rewards and their subsequent exchange for real tangible products. That creates a freedom of choice for consumer that will ultimately drive the loyalty market.
In the Point-X we combine the achievements of the private and public blockchain.

Inserting internal PNX * currency as a means of storing and exchanging between other currencies and loyalty programs, Point-X and PNX will become the norm for consumers and business that use loyalty programs. It also gives a universal benefit that attracts more attention regardless of the method of discount delivery.

The use of an additional reward points CNX * (COIN) with a fixed price according to the EURO/$USA value: 1 coin = 0.01€/$. This will allow us to stay flexible and offset the negative fluctuations of cryptocurrencies in the public market and provides clarity of value for the consumers as opposed to accumulation of the funds in fiat currencies.

Through personal accounts, Point-X customer can always convert CNX to PNX, CNX to €/$, PNX to ETH, and PNX to €/$.

Example: “five stars” allows users to only spend the accumulated currencies and bonuses at the establishments where they were awarded. PNX is a universal platform that allows to use bonuses and rewards not only in certain chains and franchises, but to also convert it into other bonuses and currencies depending on the user’s needs.




Busines model #1 Acquiring

When purchasing products, consumers don’t always see that some of the products are have different types of deals, such as buy 2 get 1 free or buy 1 get second one 50% off. Those deals are often unused and the consumers get no benefit from it. Point-X will allow you to store those rewards in the form of COINS so you can later benefit from them.

Busines model #2 SMB

With a lot of marketing tools available, the businesses often do not know how effective they are and often are required to pay installment fees upfront followed by monthly fees even if the tools are not being used. Point-X customer loyalty platform will be available for businesses for free. Businesses will be able to interact with their customers with no strings attached while Point-X will only charge a small commission on the marketing campaigns, if the businesses decide to create them.

Busines model #3 Exchange Universal Platform

The loyalty industry is highly fragmented, and this makes it attractive for the implementation of solutions based on blockchain technology. If loyalty programs are compatible with each other, the client wins. Platform Point-X can be linked largely unrelated world of incentive programs to reduce costs, eliminate inconsistencies, to yield bonuses and maturity bonuses almost in real time, to provide a more secure environment and simplify business relations.

Point-X platform makes it possible to:

  • Marketplace discounts and special offers with GEO targeting. (as ZiIlow for discounts).
  • Receive cash back bonuses on the purchases they make.
  • Small Businesses will be able to create marketing campaigns, target the desired segment of the population based on Cost-Per-Action model.
  • The manufacturer of the goods and services that can directly encourage consumers.
  • Universal platform of exchange in multiple loyalty programs.
  • Automatically create e-wallets, find interesting marketing campaigns, take required actions, and monitor transactions and review receipts from purchases.
  • To easily and efficiently integrate with business infrastructures through the platform and API. IT will also allow users to safely store and use CNX / PNX* tokens as a universal exchange tool between all the aspects of shopping experience.




We plan on using two types of tokens
(combination of private and public blockchains)

Digital tokens CNX / PNX is cryptographically protected by way of representing the rights of its holder to receive in the future through the platform Point-X services and products they purchased.

CNX — a token of transaction (utility token), a token at with a cost of

As an equivalent token to accumulate the interexchanges within a reward system, based on €/$.

  • The token is tied to the value of €/$;
  • Upon receiving the discount, it shall be stored on user’s account in the exact equivalent to the €/$ for simplicity of valuation of the rewards accumulated. The CNX  is backed by the €/$ amount stored in the system;
  • The transactions are governed by the Point-X rewards system;
  • Security is provided by repeated audits and support of the transactions plus blockchain anchoring;
  • Fast speed transactions;

PNX — a utility token

Fixed release according to the ICO schedule.

  • Transfer — cost of the transactions based on the % of the EUP;
  • Comprehensive audits;
  • Free exchange trading;
  • Specific rules and restrictions will apply for advanced conversion of the tokens outside of Point-X system (no commissions, additional bonuses, etc);



Member of Club



  • A voice in the development of the project (analog DAO)
  • Swap PNX for CNX tokens
  • Get CNX in exchange for their activities
  • Pay CNX for purchases
  • Swap CNX for PNX tokens
  • Сharge CNX to consumers
  • Pay fees in CNX/PNX for transaction
  • Pay PNX/CNX for advertising companies



CNX / PNX tokens and the Proof of Processed Payments (PoPP) will eliminate negative holds, lags, and commissions for conversion of the currencies. All payments between platform users will occur with no delay and additional charges.

At the time of creation of marketing campaign, the business creates a rewards model with a fixed dollar amount to be spent for every required action. Currency fluctuations will not impact such campaigns because of the essential operating mechanisms of our platform. Customers will be more willing to participate in such campaigns as it instantly gives them a euro/dollar equivalent of their funds and protects them from risks of currency fluctuations.

For the consumers, the transactions using CNX / PNX happen instantly and without additional charges.

Business can simply record such transactions according to generally accepted practices and record in the same manner as a Cost per Action (CPA) marketing model.

Earn on CNX / PNX when you spend. Through PoPP and Point-X platform we stimulate the use of cryptocurrencies and creation of a friendly ecosystem for customers and businesses.

(many unrealized rewards i.e. “buy 2 get 1 free” can be converted by business into CNX / PNX, as opposed to staying unrealized).



A special feature is the combination of private and public blockchain into a single system and use the blockchain anchoring.

Implementation on the basis of own development on the basis of a Protocol Ethereum ERC20

Implementation of our own development on the basis of a Protocol Ethereum ERC20. The Ethereum blockchain is currently the industry standard for issuing custom digital assets and smart contracts. One of the main reasons is to use the existing Ethereum’s infrastructure instead of building an entirely new blockchain. The latest and most popular ERC20 token interface is the best choice compatible with the existing infrastructure of Ethereum ecosystem, development tools, wallets, and exchanges. Also ERC20 allows for seamless interaction with other smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

PoPP (Proof-of-Processed-Payments) — are used as a means of user identification and transfer of the currencies within our network.

Research: Stellar (https://www.stellar.org); Framework Plasma (http://www.plasma.io); NEM technology (https://nem.io); Kadena (http://kadena.io/); Ethereum Enterprise;




Рromotions and offers with geo-targeting. (as Zillow)
Virtual Card
One Card in All Places (NFC/QR/Phone Number)
For platforms such as WordPress и Drupal in order to add Point-X functionality to websites and applications.
Shared Payments
Pay with your friends with no additional fees.

E-Commerce Platform
Use CNX / PNX and Point-X platform as a rewards system to award bonuses to your customers on E-Commerce platforms and marketplaces (API and SDK)
Exchange Platform
Exchange points between loyalty programs
Manager companies
For self-run companies to SMB, FMCG and Brands
The ability to utilize micro-transactions that is not currently supported by modern payment systems due to large commissions.
Point-X card
Use Point-X card for easy identification and engagement at any of the places you shop.