The first tool for marketing management speaking the same language with the consumer.

"Possibilities and not limitations!"
The first tool for marketing management speaking the same language with the consumer.
"Possibilities and not limitations!"
With the increased popularity of rewards and loyalty programs, customers are looking for greater flexibility in rewards.

By partnering up with other businesses, you can create a loyalty program that not only gives more opportunities to customers but also facilitate the building of new business relationships.
Study found that 68% of millennials remain loyal to a program that offers them the most rewards.

Partnering with other businesses gives you that possibility.
Quickly create rewards.
Create companies and reward your customers for the codes on the packaging, add cashback, create GIFT cards, run the accumulation of stamps and other BTL / TTL activity.
Reward your purchases and actions on social networks. Control the NPS & CSI.
Fast and cost-effective.
Many customers.
The flow of customers expand the market. Providing opportunities gives positive emotions and promotes overall growth.
Increasing the average check.
Trust, unobtrusively made proposals and tact, contributes to the growth of confidence in the site. The growth of the average check and the frequency of purchases, as well as consumer comfort, are our main metrics.
Simple editor of advertising companies and surveys.
Attracting new customers is as easy as building Facebook communications. Visual editor and company Manager will help you!
If you want to measure NPS or do a survey - with Point-X it's almost instantaneous and inexpensive!
Safety! No bench and no lies.
Your money is kept in escrow accounts. The advertiser is as safe as the consumer!
Sharing Economy — Opportunities and social responsibility.
Opportunities! Building walls only limits our ability!

Key benefits for rewards and loyalty programs

Loyal customers are one of the main drivers of any profitable business. By creating rewards and loyalty programs, companies strive to improve the quality of customer service. However, in many cases the opposite happens. The introduction of blockchain technologies and smart contracts can take customer service to the next level.
Reducing costs
While blockchain carries an upfront cost, we believe that significant cost savings can be identified at three main levels - systems management, transaction processes and customer engagement. A blockchain-based rewards & loyalty program should reduce the cost of managing the system with smart contracts that report secure, traceable and transparent transactions to legacy systems, reducing the costs associated with errors and fraud.
Relationships without conflicts
The airline credits the customer's remuneration to the same digital wallet from which they buy it out for the hotel or restaurant. Blockchain centralizes customer rewards & loyalty programs with a reliable decentralized technology solution. Loyalty service providers decide how and with whom a customer uses these rewards, but from a consumer's perspective, their ability to access and manage them is virtually conflict-free.
Make the process almost in real time
Blockchain allows you to register and access transactions in near real time, increasing the chances that a rewards & loyalty program provider will be able to reduce inertia faster when coordinating credit point transactions.
Ensuring a safe environment
Blockchain creates an immutable, time-labeled, distributed database for each transaction, making each transaction and its recording easy to track, as well as making it irreversible, preventing double expenditure, fraud, abuse and any other type of transaction manipulation.
Creating unique business opportunities
With the beginning of building an interconnected loyalty network, large loyalty program providers with well-developed programs will have unique opportunities to provide additional services to other companies.
Simplicity of accounting and reliability
Using the traditional CPA model (cost per action) significantly simplifies accounting.
Store fiat money in partner banks on escrow accounts, smart contracts and blockchain transactions - for unprecedented reliability!
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