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After graduating from BAUMAN Moscow State Technical University, Maxim took part in the leadership of Svyaznoy Group, the largest coalition loyalty program in Europe.
Subsequently, the software developed for the Svyaznoy Club programme was used in consumer incentive programmes at major banks - VTB and Sberbank. At different times he held management positions at various companies: Sumitomo corp, Euroset, Playfon and others...

Kirill has graduated from the BAUMAN Moscow state technical University (Modeling and Simulation Engineering). Blockchain, full stack developer. Co-founder and senior developer in Thetta (DAO framework). Also held senior positions in Chain. Cloud, Anytype.

Richard has graduated from Stockholm University where he held the Politices Master of Science, besides that he has also a bachelor's degree in Communication studies and has been taking courses in digital marketing.
Richard is fluent in Swedish, Russian and English and has been working with communication strategies and business analysis across several fields - from governmental agencies to startups.
Olesya Gritcenko
Specializes in advertising project based on big data processing. The Latest project — big start-up Segmento (Sberbank group of companies) — Advertising based on combination of unique offline and online data for effective advertising.
Igor started his career in 1995 working as a senior developer of WMS apps. Since then he worked as team leader for complex software projects. Now he heads a group of IT companies "ActiveGroup".
Looking for new ways of sharing his knowledge and helping others to achieve their goals.

Eldar Razroev
In past CEO Euroset.
Held senior positions in Megafon, Wikimart, MTT, Sistema Venture Capital, The Ministry of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation.
Alexander Sverdlov
Alexander has a post-graduate degree in business management from the University of Essex. He has worked for Fortune-500 companies such as HP and Microsoft, has consulted multiple banks and telecoms on cyber security and is ensuring our product meets the ultimate security standards.
¡WANTED - JS Developers!