first blockchain project created for mass consumers

The first blockchain project created for mass consumers.

first blockchain project created for mass consumers
The first blockchain project created for mass consumers.

Token Economy

We have rethought traditional CPA advertising models and redesign them to blockchain and smart contracts.
We use ONLY stable coin confirmed with Fiat funds.
Born Tokens & Smart Contracts
Advertiser / Initiator / Lead / Partner
Forms an advertising campaign using the constructor, selects an action and assigns the amount of reward for the User. Transfers fund to the Platform. (Reward + Commission).
Spends money on escrow account in the partner Bank.
Creates tokens (stable coin) on the platform, provided with Fiat funds on the escrow account of the Bank.
2 creates a smart contract: Commission / commission is transferred to the Platform after the execution of the client's smart contract, in case of non-execution, the money is returned to the Advertiser. The Client offer / user is credited with tokens in his / her personal wallet provided that the conditions of the Advertising company formed by the Advertiser on the Platform are fulfilled.
The Client generates a unique identifier made of the campaign to approve Advertisers and providing Partner.

Storage Tokens & Blockchain
Stores tokens on the user's personal wallet.
Keeps the current status of the safety of Fiat funds, which are the provision of tokens.
Stores unique identifiers of completed Advertising campaigns.
Allows you to exchange Tokens, tokens or other digital assets of partners.
Stores transaction history.
!Does NOT allow! Exchange Tokens for Fiat funds.
Burning Tokens & Smart Contracts
Selects a product/service from a Partner with a value no more than the current balance of the client, provides the Partner with a unique identifier for payment.
Transfers funds from the escrow account to the account of the partner chosen by the Client. Burns the corresponding amount of payment tokens from the client's account/wallet. Maintains equality of Fiat funds on escrow accounts of the partner Bank To the number of tokens in the Platform. In case of execution of the Client's smart contract and approve by the Advertiser, the advertiser requests a Commission to the platform account from the partner's Bank.
In case of non-execution of the Client's smart contract or its partial execution, returns both the Remuneration and the Commission in the amount of unused funds to the Advertiser by burning unused tokens.
Closes smart contracts after they are executed or not executed.
Receives money from the platform in payment for the order of goods/services by the Client.
Point-X Platform
Pont-X - scheme of work
Point-X Platform
Pont-X - scheme of work
Coming soon...